‘Cross Education Lab.’ Pursues Brand New Style of Education

80&Company Inc. announced to establish ‘Cross education Lab.’ which seeks brand-new methodologies for education at TECH STUDIO KYOTO. The lab invites experts from various fields and Hidekazu Shoto, the sole Japanese teacher who was nominated for the prominent prize, Global Teacher Prize 2019 to research new styles of education.

80&Company Inc. has established ‘Cross Education lab,’ the organization which seeks the various ways of education to cover wide variety of educational needs. It is still difficult for children to develop what they love to do solely through school education although multiple styles of education are emerging. Japan is also lagging from other OECD countries in scope of recurrent education. There seems to be a societal educational structure which hinders Japanese children and adults from learning. The company advocates, considering these issues, that education is not special: everything around us can be used as educational material if we employ effective approaches. The lab researches the educational effect of materials around us and effective approaches to use them. Collaborating with various companies, the lab puts the emphasis on the educational application of the research to make the future of children better.

What is ‘Cross Education Lab.’?

Cross Education Lab provides new frameworks of education which respond to various needs beyond the traditional or conservative education styles. The lab researches the values and methods to use materials which is used in our ordinary lives but not for education at present. Being a hub which ‘crosses’ the borders of “education” and “something in our daily lives”, it serves brand-new educational opportunities. The current topics the lab deals with are video games or toys.


Hidekazu Shoto

Head of the lab
Global Teacher Prize 2019 Top10
Master of Foreign Language Education, Kansai University, Osaka
Bachelor of Foreign Studies, Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka
Hidekazu Shoto works as a teacher of elementary school. (English / ICT) He has been a teacher of a public junior-high school, private junior-high school, high school. Among the 30,000 candidates from 150 nations and regions, he was nominated for Global Teacher Prize 2019 as a sole Japanese teacher for the prize by virtue of his unique lessons using the popular video game, Minecraft as an educational tool to develop creativity.
Creating Future of Children: New Guidance for English Learning. Kodansha: Tokyo, Japan. 2020

Toru Fujimoto

Lecturer, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo, Tokyo
Dr. Toru Fujimoto received a doctoral degree from the Pennsylvania State University (Ph.D. in Instructional Systems). He has completed the bachelor study at Keio University. (Environment and Information Studies) He specializes in game-based learning and online education.
Serious games – transforming education and society through digital games. Tokyo Denki University Press: Tokyo, Japan. 2007.
Games and education/learning. (co-edit) Minervashobo: Tokyo, Japan. 2017
DON’T BOTHER ME, MOM – I’M LEARNING: How Computer and Video Games Are Preparing Your Kids for Twenty-first Century Success – and How You Can Help! (Japanese translation). Tokyo Denki University Press: Tokyo, Japan. 2007.
Digital game-based learning (Japanese translation). Tokyo Denki University Press: Tokyo, Japan. 2009.
Reality is broken (Japanese translation, co-translator) Hayakawa Publishing Corporation: Tokyo, Japan. 2011

Akito Hirose

CEO of EN Logical Inc.
Akito Hirose is the CEO of EN Logical Inc. and studies medicine at School of Medicine, Kyoto university. His failure to improve the grade when he was in high school, which led him to research learning methods based on brain science.

Keitaro Kumehara

Keitaro Kumehara was enrolled in Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University as the top student. He was featured on Zunou-Ou, the Japanese TV program where the students compete their intelligence as a finalist for three consecutive years. He won the first place in competitive karuta, the Japanese traditional intellectual sports. He runs “Tonari no Coach”, an online tutoring school with which customers can join the lectures presented by the students of Kyoto University. He seeks the optimal solution to each student considering their learning processes, tendencies, and habits. His work about the effective processes and methods for education is sold by over 60,000.
Focus and Motivation: Methodology for Learning. Futamishobo: Tokyo, Japan. 2016

Junichi Nagao

Born in Kyoto, Junichi Nagao has experienced the planner and director at the famous game company, CAPCOM and is a freelance game designer now. He offers various services such as planning and producing digital or other sorts of games, lectures and workshops about creativity for university students, training programs for companies. He believes that the rule to play the game and the scheme people feel fun when they play games can be applied to our real lives beyond the framework of games, which fosters active learning methods.

Shogo Sumitani

Chairperson of Student e-sports Union
Shogo Sumitani is the chairperson of Student e-sports Union and studies at the Graduate School of informatics, Kyoto University after graduating the Doshisha University as the top student (Engineering). He is working to create new market of video games and good impression for them through the intercollegiate competition.

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80&Company Inc., established at TECH STUDIO KYOTO, offers new solutions to various specific issues through the establishment of laboratories where experts in each realm analysis the issues and contributes to create an innovation cluster in Kyoto. The company facilitates its clients to collaborate with students, academia, startups in order to create new opportunities for business, joint research and web system and application. 80&Company also develops highly skilled human resources through highly specialized activities in the lab and introduces them to clients.

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