Our Vision 

Realizing Our Potential

80&Company aims to realize development of society through nurturing each potential of each individual.

A Small Step Makes a Huge Impact

Every great achievement starts with a small step.
The best efforts unleashes all the powers and capabilities people have.
Keep pushing the envelope leads a huge swell and it will spread to the world.
80&Company CEO
Hiroki Horiike
Executive Team
Hiroki Horiike
Hiroki Horiike established SAMBAR Inc. and started managing a tutoring school while he was a undergraduate of Kyoto University. He established a subsidiary in Phillippine in 2016. In 2017, he raised funds through a third-party allotment of stock. In October 2018, he assumed office as CEO of 80&Company.
Kazuki Okamoto
Born in 1993, he attended Kyoto University where he studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and he studied Informatics at graduate school. He founded CareerHacker in 2017. In 2018, he started working at Recruit Holdings and made a contribution to SUUMO’s UI/UX improvement. He also joined 80&Company as COO.
Ryotaro Ohkawa
He previously worked at ACCESS CO., LTD., and was involved with mobile application projects. He took part in the establishment of Spincoaster,Inc. in 2014, launching music related services. He is in charge of product management of web/mobile/AI systems, system development and so on.
Yusaku Tada
(Chief Development Officer)
Born in 1986. He previously worked as a system engineer after graduating from the College of Science and Technology, Nihon University. He created a database site for a large enterprise, and continuously launched different services. At 80&Company, he is in charge of many system development projects as CDO.
Io Ueda
Born in 1988. She joined VECTOR INC., where she was involved with public relations. She subsequently worked at DENTSU INC., and engaged in the media planning operation. In addition to public relations, she also handles project management.
Koichiro Katayama
Born in 1988. He obtained an MBA at Ritsumeikan University Graduate School. In 2015, he established a company as an administrative scrivener, supporting young entrepreneurs. He subsequently became the CEO for several marketing companies. In order to help companies with management issues and DX promotion, he joined 80&company as CSO.
Takayoshi Kasuga
(Chief Creative Officer)
Born in 1978. While he was studying architectural design at university, he started his career as a graphic designer. He founded MILL inc. in 2014. He also established elephant+ co.,ltd. in 2014. He has been involved with a great number of design projects not only in Japan but also in other countries.
Shuhei Toji
Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
Born in 1987. He joined ShinNihon LLC after he graduated from Kyoto University, majoring in law studies. In 2014, he joined Hobonichi Co., Ltd. as a member of am IPO (Initial Public Offering) preparation team, to be in charge of accounting, J-SOX, the company budget, and IR. He subsequently started working at ExaWizards Inc..
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CEO/ Hiroki Horiike
COO / CHRO / Kazuki Okamoto
CDO / Yusaku Tada
CTO / Ryotaro Ohkawa
CMO / Io Ueda
Audit & Supervisory / Shuhei Toji

Head Office / Kyoto
6-1 Yoshidaushinomiyacho, Kyoto Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8302 Japan
Main office (Ryumeikan Building) / Tokyo
3-4 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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WEB System Development / Application Development
Human Resources Development / Human Resources Introduction

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Head Office / Kyoto  6-1 Yoshidaushinomiyacho, Kyoto Sakyo-ku, Kyoto,606-8302 JapanMain Office(Ryumeikan Building)/ Tokyo3-4 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan