Development Base for New Business
TECH STUDIO KYOTO is a 24-hour members-only space, located a five-minute walk from Kyoto University's Clock Tower. Partner companies and project members can use TECH STUDIO KYOTO as a development base and meeting space.
Together, We Create
80&Company Inc. established TECH STUDIO KYOTO in 2019 to create a starting point for innovation in Kyoto, Japan, where we have gathered specialists for problem solving in specific fields, and we establish labs for each theme. TECH STUDIO KYOTO will serve as a hub to promote collaboration between clients, universities, students and venture companies to develop new businesses, joint research, development, web systems/applications. In addition, we produce talented people through specialized activities and projects in the labs.
About Reservation
TECH STUDIO KYOTO is also available for renting a meeting room, open space for events, seminars and other events. Please contact us for details.
Latest News
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Head Office / Kyoto  6-1 Yoshidaushinomiyacho, Kyoto Sakyo-ku, Kyoto,606-8302 Japan