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Let’s create a business that harvests your potential together!

We find the potential of every business and maximize the strengths of each individual. As each eventually becomes nurtured, society becomes more vividly nourished.. By multiplying the powers of observation, imagination, realization, we sow the seeds of business, nurture them, and make them bloom. 80&Company is committed to creating businesses that colors the world together with you.


CEO Message

Everyone dreams, “I want to be like this or that,” but sometimes they feel negative, saying “I can’t.” 80&Company wants to be a place where everyone can feel that they can be who they want to be.

80&Company is committed to creating an environment where people from diverse backgrounds, including those living abroad and those raising children, can maximize their potential anytime, anywhere, by providing a full-remote and full-flex work environment.

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What 80&Company‘s members do

  • We pursue 仁義、 Humanity and Justice.
    (仁義 is pronounced as Jin-Gi in Japanese)

    “Jin” means compassion and love. “Gi” means the way or reason we should do. Pursuing profit is natural for a company, but we should not lose sight of how we should act as human beings. If you treat people with Jin-Gi, profits will naturally follow.

  • We work with the assumption that, “You can do it!”

    Unless we always think on the basis of doing, we are never able to create the ideas that truly need to be implemented. Ideas that are developed on the premise of implementation are worthwhile, even if you end up not doing them. Considering whether or not to do something is a waste of time. Reasons for not doing something should be the last consideration.

  • We focus on your strengths.

    Strengths are what creates value for people and businesses. Strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin, elements that a company has to use. We focus on how to make a single element a strength. By focusing on strengths, you are respected. Weaknesses should be covered by strengths.

  • What is said rather than who says it.

    Opinions should be judged fairly, no matter whose opinion it is. Not being biased, we should make correct judgments. In addition, we should have an opinion and express it, regardless of our position. What one thinks and says shapes the person.

  • Be extremely passionate.

    It is not overly passionate if we think that all we have to do is get what we want. A passionate person seeks happiness not just for himself, but for the broader world, including family, friends, colleagues and society as a whole.